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As the months begin to get warmer and spring is finally here, boat owners need to get ready. As they do for the winter, boaters have to now prepare for the summer season. While many boat owners take precautions before storms or winter hits, many do not think about prepping for the summer. Here are three tips to getting your boat ready for the summer.



  • Start by giving your boat a nice clean and inspection. Scrub away any dirt or stains. Get rid of any equipment you wont need on the boat as well as add the things you do need. Clear up space as well as you will have people enjoying your boat in the coming months. A clean boat will do better against rain and other hazards as well as make you feel better about it. Check to see if you have any new leaks or dents in the boat.




  • Make sure to take care of any repairs or tune-ups on your boat. This will ensure that you are not only ready to roll to in the spring, but will also give your boat a better chance of staying strong up against harsh winter weather conditions.




  • Change your oil and get a full tank of gas in the boat. This will make sure that you do not get condensation buildup in your gas tank as well as allow you to be ready to go right when spring hits. Filling up with fresh antifreeze will also do wonders for your engine and boat when the cold hits.



Pro tip, consider storing your boat on land for the winter as well, making it easier on the boat and easier to protect and get ready when summer comes around and it is time to use.


While boats should be prepared and stored for winter, it is important to take the right steps before summer to make sure you are ready to go when the time comes.


Properly preparing your boat can make a huge difference for its lifespan. Another great way to protect your boat is having a watercraft insurance plan. This will help you during any case with your boat, whether it be during the summer, spring or winter.


There are many great and affordable watercraft or cheap boat insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area and near other major cities.


As with anything, you need to keep your valuables safe and protected and a boat is no different.

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