Boat Thieves Strike For Expensive Engines

Earlier in the year, a Texas boat and watercraft dealership fell victim to theft not just once, but multiple times.


This is the fourth time this particular dealership has been robbed and these thieves are aware of what they are doing. Reports claim that these thieves knew exactly what they had planned and went right for the expensive and constantly in demand Yamaha boat engines, one of the more popular brands out there for boats and boating equipment.


The thieves were caught on the surveillance cameras and it was obvious they had this break in planned and sketched out, entering through a hole cut through the fence and pulling their truck up to load the engines.


This particular dealer claims this has been the fourth time he has been robbed of boat engines, estimating his loses near $700,000. And this boat dealer is not alone unfortunately.

Reports have shown that over the past few years boat and engine burglaries have increased, in many cases such as this one from Texas, with the thieves specifically targeting the expensive Yamaha engines and working harder to locate and steal these engines in general.


Loses for the dealership and even the boat owner are huge to recover from when dealing with a stolen engine. Boats and engines are often an easy target for thieves, the dealerships and even docking stations are often uninhabited and open at night, providing an opportunity for thieves.


As security systems advance, so, unfortunately, do criminals and thieves.


As we near the start of boating season, it is important to make sure you properly close up your boat and keep it secure throughout the entire spring and summer. Make sure you have everything locked down on your boat and that wherever you are storing it has some sort of security feature such as security cameras or a solid, protective fence.


Watercraft insurance is another great way to protect your boat during the season and more importantly, during the off season when these engine burglaries may occur. There are many options to find the best boat insurance companies in your area. By doing the right research online, properly securing your boat and taking some safety classes, you will run into no issues and be able to fully enjoy your boat throughout the warm seasons of the year.

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