While it may seem like you have little control over the costs of your coverage, you actually do have influence on your coverage costs.

Following these simple rules when considering your next purchase of a watercraft or insurance policy can save you big money without affecting your boat insurance coverage:


Invest in safety features

Just like your car, insurance providers consider many factors relating to your boat while underwriting a policy. The safer your boat or yacht is, the less expensive the premiums may be. That isn’t to say you should buy the slowest or biggest boat out there; instead, consider safety accessories like engine kill switches, speed governors and others when making your purchase.


Choose the policy that fits your specific needs

Every boat or yacht insurance policy is not created equal – there are a wide range of coverage options available. Be sure to be specific with your agent about your watercraft, and be sure to choose a policy that protects your type of boat or yacht. After all, there’s no added protection for purchasing a yacht policy to cover your paddle boat.


Extend your off season

Your provider most likely offers rate reductions while your watercraft is in storage during the off season. To reduce your premiums over the year, consider leaving your boat in storage or dry dock for an extra week or two at the beginning and end of the peak season.


Seek training

The more knowledge and experience you have at the helm of a boat, the safer you are likely to be. Insurance companies recognize this fact, and may offer discounts to individuals who complete qualifying boater education classes. Speak to your agent for advice on classes in the area that could help you save on your premiums.

Keep The Worries Behind. Don't let them follow you during vacation!

A day out on the lake is one of the very best places in the world to be. Imagine the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you relax on your boat. You need good boat insurance coverage before you can take your boat out on the lake though. Boat insurance is very important to you, your family, and your boat. Boating is such a fun thing to do, but you need to be protected. You want to play it safe when it comes to boat insurance because you never know what could happen out on the lake.


Knowing how much does boat insurance cost is a good place to start but getting in contact with us will save you time, research and money. Within no time, we can tell you what we can offer you for boat insurance coverage. When it comes to Chicago Boating Insurance, no other boat insurance agency can offer you what we can.


Reducing your watercraft insurance costs is a great way to find extra money to put towards your time on the water – the more you save on your premiums, the more you can spend on fishing tackle, water skiing or other water equipment, lifejackets and even sunscreen.

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